Executive Board of SVU Edmonton

President - Petr Musílek
Vice President - Martin Truksa
Past President and Music Director - Pavel Jelen
Treasurer - Jiri Patocka
Secretary - Lukáš Matejovský
Member of the board - Pavel Kužel
Member of the board – Jan Soukup
Member of the board – Mirek Hruška
Member of the board - Kamila Moquin
Member of the board – Iveta Ondrušová

SVU Mission Statement

The SVU is an independent non-profit international cultural organization dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, the free dissemination of ideas, and the fostering of contact among people. It brings together scholars, scientists, artists, writers, students, lawyers, businessmen and others, throughout the world who have, because of their ethnic background or professional calling, have an interest in the Czech Republic and/ or Slovakia, their histories, peoples or their cultural and intellectual contributions.


1. To enhance and promote Czech and Slovak culture worldwide
a. by organizing meetings, public lectures, conferences, seminars, workshops etc.
b. by sponsoring concerts, exhibits and other cultural events
c. by publicizing Czech and Slovak related cultural events
d. by publishing scholarly, educational and literary works and works of art and the issuance of periodicals or other publications
e. by compiling bibliographies of selected publications and other information briefs
f. by establishing a documentary center
g. by maintaining liaison with cultural institutions in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and their counterparts abroad
h. by cooperating with similar organizations on joint activities

2. To coordinate and assist with the work of SVU members
a by periodically reporting on their activities in its newsletter
b. by enabling members to present results of their work and research at its world congresses, annual conferences etc.
c. by preparing biographical directories of members with the listing of their accomplishments.
d. by establishing a clearinghouse regarding members’ interests and their expertise
e. by providing its members advice and contact though its extensive worldwide network.

3. To foster cooperation between scientists, artists, and other professionals, as well as with cultural institutions in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and those abroad
a. by maintaining liaison with major cultural institutions in the Czech and Slovak Republics and their counterparts abroad
b. by keeping track of study and research opportunities worldwide
c. by providing advice on the art of “grantsmanship”
d. by preparing specific study and research guides
e. by assisting with joint projects

4. To assist with the preservation of Czech and Slovak cultural heritage abroad
a. by mapping historical sites relating to Czechs and Slovaks abroad
b. by surveying archival material relating to Czechs and Slovaks abroad
c. by fostering studies and research on Czechs and Slovaks abroad
d. by arranging conferences, seminars and workshops with the focus on Czechs and Slovaks abroad
e. by sponsoring relevant publications
f. by maintaining liaison with other organizations with similar aims